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Ice Packs & Wraps

Ice Packs and Ice Wraps To Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation After Sprain and Strain Injuries, Surgery or for Prophylactic use to Avoid Chronic Inflammation

Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, is a very effective therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. It is commonly used after an acute injury (such as a sprain) to control the resulting swelling and pain. How does cold therapy work? The application of cold therapy causes the blood vessels to narrow, reducing the amount of blood that flows into the area. This lessens the amount of swelling that occurs. Ice therapy is more effective at relieving pain than hot packs or heat therapy. This is due to the fact that the human body has more cold receptors than hot and the nerve sensors carry the tremendous amount of cold signals to the brain causing the brain to not be able to focus as much on the pain signals. Please shop our ice packs and ice wraps to help relieve your pain today