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Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Knee Support With Stays and Patella Pad

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The Bauerfeind GenuTrain S

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain S is a knee support with lateral joint splints is used for the stabilization of the knee joint in the case of slight knee instability, painful inflammation and signs of wear.It's pain relieving effect is produced mainly during movement.

Product and Construction - GenuTrain S

The GenuTrain S is available in six different standard sizes for the left and right leg. The anatomical knit molds to the bodies anatomical shape and adapts to the knee joint. Two lateral joint splints are incorporated into the knee support.The functional pad encloses and protects the knee cap.

Tools Necessary - GenuTrain S

These tools are required;tape measure, goniometer, crimping tool, protective gloves and hot air blower.

Diagnosis and Measurement - GenuTrain S

During the diagnosis the affected knee is thoroughly assessed following a consultation with the patient to identify possible circulatory problems, allergies or skin irritations.Measurements are taken, preferably with the patient in the standing position as long as the patient can put weight on the knee. During the palpation examination, the knee joint cavity is palpated. The cavity is located approximately at the top of the Patella and can be palpated from the side.The pad encloses the knee cap.

For the measurement, the patient bends his knee at a 30 degree angle. The knee angulation is checked using a Goniometer. The knee cap is then palpated with the thumb and index finger.Mark the middle of the space between the thumb and the index finger with a marker. From this point use a tape measure to measure 5 1/2 inches upward and 4.7 inches downward. Find the circumference of the leg at these two marked points. The circumference measurements can be used to determine the right size support with the aid of the sizing table.

Putting On The Support and Product Features - GenuTrain S

The GenuTrain S should be put on under the supervision of a trained orthotist or trained specialist. Grasp the tightening straps with both thumbs and pull upwards.The GenuTrain S is easier to put on if the knee is bent. You can tell if the GenuTrain S is positioned correctly if the lower edge of the knee cap is precisely in line with the lower inside edge of the pad. The hollow of the knee must be free of creases. To ensure that the GenuTrain S fits correctly, the two joint splints are individually adapted to the longitudinal axis of the leg by means of the Velcro strap system.

After the initial fitting the patient should move about in the orthosis for 3 to 5 minutes. The orthosis is then removed and the leg checked for any pressure points. A pressure point can clearly be seen here. If necessary the joint splints can be heat molded to guarantee a perfect fit. Both Velcro straps and the splint removed from the guide channel.Heat the material on both sides to 120 degrees to a maximum of 140 degrees. Reshape the joint splint applying gentle pressure. This procedure can be repeated several times.

The patient now puts the orthosis on once again with the assistance of the orthotist.The orthosis must fit with no pressure. The joint splints follow the anatomy of the leg. Always check how the pad is sitting during fitting.

When the patient takes off the GenuTrain S, loosen the two straps as far as they will go, one after the other, and affix the Velcro tab to the strap. Push the orthosis down with both hands.

The GenuTrain S is donned with the leg slightly bent. The skin should be clean and dry.Check that there are no creases to prevent pressure points. Start with the bottom Velcro fastening, tighten as desired. It is recommended that you check the tightness of the orthosis 30 minutes after putting it on. You can tell if the GenuTrain S is sitting correctly if the pad is an exact fit for the knee cap and encloses it completely. This means that the joint splints are also correctly positioned.

Always use the tightening straps. They prevent damage to the knitted fabric when the orthosis is being put on. The tensioning straps on the GenuTrain S can be individually adjusted. The soft fabric in the hollow of the knee ensures a crease free fit for all movements. The anatomical knit is highly elastic, forms to the knee and remains in proper position during all movement. The pressure reducing edges fit snugly and do not dig in. The pad reduces the pressure on the knee cap and transfers this pressure to the soft tissue. The GenuTrain S is thus medically effective.

The GenuTrain S with its interaction of compression and massage accelerates the absorption of edema and effusions. The lateral joint splints give the knee joint an additional degree of stability. At the same time, sensory-motor processes are activated, muscle control is improved and the knee in inherently more stable.

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