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FREE OFFER - Pitchers Shoulder & Elbow Wrap - Buy One Get Free Extra Ice - For A Limited Time

Posted by Tracy N @ VitalHuman on

Special Promotion only by - Limited Time Only

Get extra ice for free. That's right. For every purchase of any size pitchers shoulder and elbow ice wrap you get an extra shoulder and elbow ice sleeve for free (A $29.95 value).  So you get two sets of ice with your wrap, the one included with purchase and the free extra set.

Even though the Pro Ice Pitchers wrap already lasts for a long time, having an extra pack gives you that extra time for double headers or travel time so your ice wraps will be ready for use during the game and for after game icing on the way home.  

This offer won't last, so get yours now.  Simply add the product to your cart and your free extra ice will added to your cart.  No coupon code needed.  

Select Your New Pro Ice Pitchers Wrap and Get A Set of Free Extra Ice!

Youth & Small Adult Pitchers Ice Wrap pi220

Adult Pitchers Ice Wrap pi200

Pro (XL) Pitchers Ice Wrap pi240

Youth & Small Adult Pitchers Wrap Up to 5' 120lbs
Adult Pitchers Wrap Up to 6' 200lbs
Pro Pitchers Wrap Over 6' 200lbs

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