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Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support

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Product Description

Bauerfeind Malleotrain Ankle Brace

The MalleoTrain ankle support is a lightweight knitted brace, which means that it is very comfortable to wear because it stretches, breathes well and wicks away moisture while providing necessary compression. The support features two soft inserts that are sewn in to the support that fit gently inside and outside of the ankle Malleoli bones that work to massage the area to produce increased blood flow to the area to assist in the healing process.

Comparison of the three MalleoTrain Ankle Braces:

The MalleoTrain provides mild compression for ankle sprains (mild tendon & ligament injuries), Arthritis and swelling.

The MalleoTrain Plus provides moderate compression and adds a semi-elastic figure 8 strap for chronic, post-traumatic/post-operative needs, early Capsular ligament treatment, ligament insufficiency, sports preventative protection and post operative rehab.

The MalleoTrain S provides Moderate compression and a semi-rigid figure 8 strap for ankle ligament instability, post-operative rehab, ankle sprains and sports preventative protection. Mainly for stabilization and protection of the ankle.


  • Comfortable-lightweight-breathable
  • Provides support for mild to moderate ankle injuries
  • Two unique soft silicone inserts for swelling reduction,Can be worn with or without shoes
  • MalleoTrain should be worn against the skin for the maximum massage and compression effect
  • Comes in left and right versions for a perfect fit
  • Provide compression and massage to decrease ankle pain and swelling


Indications: Postoperative and posttraumatic irritation (e.g. after sprains); Joint effusions and swellings from osteoarthritis and arthritis; Tendomyopathies; Ligamental weaknesses


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Which MalleoTrain Support Do You Need?

malleotrain-black.jpgMalleoTrain: Provides mild support and compression and is used for stabilizing ankle sprains, ankle Arthritis and swelling while not restricting motion.

malleotrain-plus-titan.jpgMalleoTrain Plus: The semi-elastic figure 8 ankle strap provides moderate support and compression for chronic ankle pain, post-traumatic ankle injuries and post operative procedures. It can be used for capsular ligament treatment, ligament insufficiency and sports injury prevention and protection.

malleotrain-s-titan.jpgMalleoTrain S: Provides compression and support with it's semi-rigid figure 8 ankle strap. Used for ankle instability, post operative rehab, ankle sprains, sports injury prevention and protection and stabilization of the ankle.




Bauerfeind MalleoTrain  FAQ's

Q. Can I wear the Bauerfeind MalloTrain with shoes/Will it fit in shoes?

A. Yes. It can be worn with or without shoes.

Q. Should I wear socks under MalleoTrain Ankle Support?

A. Not thick socks, although hosiery/stockings are o.k. MalleoTrain should be worn against the skin for the maximum massage and compression effect. A sock can be worn over the support.

Q. Why does the MalleoTrain Ankle Support come in left and right versions?

A. The left and right ankle are anatomically different. Therefore, they require differently shaped supports for optimal fit and therapy. MalleoTrain also has 2 silicone inserts that are shaped differently to accommodate the inside and outside of the ankle bones. The silicone on the inside is thicker and shorter to fill in the more concave area on this side of the ankle bone.

Q. Will the Bauefeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support stabilize the ankle?

A. MalleoTrain's main function is to provide compression and massage to decrease pain and swelling. The knit also promotes proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) so in that respect it increases natural stabilization. However, it is not designed to prevent ankle sprains/strains. MalleoLoc is our ankle stabilizing product.

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